Biography: Frida Kahlo’s Affairs and Pains Through Her Art

Biography: Frida Kahlo’s Affairs and Pains Through Her Art

Frida Kahlo, known for her extramarital affairs with women and men, had technically become one of central scandals of her life yet the undisputed pride if her arts. Seemingly, her arts had been influenced by the intense description of her sexuality and her biography as a bisexual artist. The connections between her arts and her affairs may be significant in understanding the details of her biography.

Frida Kahlo is one stunning illustration of a strong willed woman that even after her cruel situation she was able to transfer all her attention and skills to a full time career in painting. Surrealism had become the movement ideology reflected in most of her paintings, and such reflections were usually channeled in her various portrayals of her painful life stories from her marriage, painful operations due to the accident, and portrayals of self with notable sexual symbolisms.

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Being a self-taught painter, Kahlo obtained her inspiration mainly from her life experiences and the realities of her own self. A decade after Kahlo’s death, the artistic movement, Neomexicanismo, had acknowledged the magnificence of her works, which dramatically contributed to the creative values of contemporary Mexico as well as the art of self-portrayal.

A. Background of F. Kahlo


Born in July 6, 1907, Kahlo was a natural born, Coyoacan painter from Mexico, who gravely influenced the movement of surrealism, symbolism and realism channeled through her self-portraits of pain and sexual symbolisms. Throughout her teenage to young adulthood, she was most of the time surrounded by females yet her thoughts and interests were more masculine and quite radical. In fact, she greatly admired and frequently associated herself with the 1910 Mexican Revolution wherein the fierce battle was against their Hungarian lineage.

Kahlo’s masculine inclinations grew intensively as she contacted various illnesses starting at the age of six when she was first diagnosed with polio which caused her legs to become unequally thinner. Followed by this medical incident was her diagnosis of spina bifida, which gravely affected her locomotion and posture. In order to counter these limitations, she enrolled herself in various sports such as boxing, women’s basketball, and others.

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Unfortunately, the fateful day of September 17, 1925 had changed her views of life as well when she had an accident that resulted to several damages to her ribs, spinal column, pelvis, legs and even her foot. This event had changed her dramatically putting her remaining days in relapses of pain and hospitalizations.

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